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But such reasons are called with a huge number of mental illnesses. Dysthymia and its causes are still at a difficult level for clinicians and psychologists. Same as for patients.

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Researchers also note the role of a hereditary factor in the development of subdepression. Those people whose relatives had this mental disorder suffer from the manifestations of symptoms of dysthymia. Ifa person has a predisposition to buy cozaar online, then if provoking factors occur, dysthymia may well develop. When identifying the causes leading to the development of this mental disorder, much attention is paid to how the patient's childhood passed. After all, subdepression could have arisen due to the suppression of the child by parents, violence suffered in childhood, lack of attention from parents.

The result of all this is a tendency to pessimism, a decrease in self-esteem, the disappearance of losartan pills, constant worries. Most often, the symptoms of dysthymia develop in women. They are manifested by a state of depression, a sharp change in mood, pessimism and apathy towards the events taking place around and close people. Such people are somewhat detached from the outside world, they are always in a state of hard-to-explain anguish, moral emptiness.

Over time, a patient with dysthymia develops inferiority complexes, guilt for no particular reason. The dysthymic personality is slow, both physically and mentally. A person in a state of cozaar subdepression constantly feels tired, lacks energy to perform the simplest actions. In such a state, it is difficult to concentrate on one particular matter or thinking about an important problem, it is difficult for the patient to make any decision on his own.

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  • Do not leave him alone with painful thoughts and be more patient with his mood changes and convince him of the need for timely treatment.
  • But the importance of treatment is only reinforced by this fact. Relatives should show more attention to the sick.
  • Dysthymia is a mild mental disorder characterized by episodes of losartan, depressed mood.
  • This is the so-called subdepression, which, in terms of the severity of symptoms, does not reach the level of major depressive disorder.
  • People with dysthymia are characterized by pessimism, a tendency to gloomy thoughts, a skeptical attitude towards positive emotions that others show.
  • Dysthymia usually develops in people with a constitutionally depressive personality type. As a rule, the disorder begins at a young age.


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  • The reasons for the development of dysthymia at a later age can be obvious stressful situations.


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In the treatment of this disorder of the mental sphere, antidepressants, interpersonal, cognitive-behavioral and family psychotherapy are used. Signs of subdepression arise due to changes in the human psyche. This condition usually develops in those who suffer from seasonal depressive disorders. Such people are characterized by depression and frequent mood swings. As a result, a condition such as dysthymia occurs.